What does it mean to live a faith-filled life?logo modified

It doesn’t mean living in a Christian bubble, isolating yourself from the world. It also doesn’t mean living in such a worldly way that no one would guess you’re Christian.


I have unique resources from a Christian, or faith-filled, perspective:

  • resources for families and teachers

  • book recommendations with teaching connections

  • devotions for yourself or your family or classroom

  • journaling ideas

  • ways to enjoy your vocation and vacation from a Christian worldview

  • writing ideas for children and adults

  • ideas on how to live out God’s mission in your everyday life


Faith-Filled Living covers issues from your vocation, vacation, and mission. These are the decisions and activities we live out every day. I focus mostly on my passions, like journaling, devotions, camping, and


Faith-Filled Teaching covers things from my teaching experience. You may find it helpful if you are a parent, a teacher, or a combination (the ultimate homeschooler!) I will cover things like book recommendations for Christian classrooms, curriculum ideas, piano lessons, and teaching writing and journaling to kids.

The Blog will be a weekly conversation covering any of the above categories. I will be giving away things on occasion.

Resources: My biggest goal here is to be a resource to you. So, if you want some resources that I haven’t covered yet, please don’t be afraid to ask. I may be working on it now, or might just send you some links to others who have what you need. Please comment, email, or contact me on a social network. I love to help people.