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We may not all be larger-than-life leaders, but we all have influence. Everyone around you could be influenced by you. When you hold the door for someone, you might make that person smile. When you run a red light, you might be encouraging someone to feel irritated. We don’t always influence on purpose. Our influence is not fully known by us. And, sometimes, it is not what we intended.

Piano Pedals

You may not know this, but I teach piano. Last week, I went to a workshop about pedaling. That’s right. Over an hour of learning about how to teach my students to use the piano pedals. It wasn’t the most exciting workshop I’ve ever attended, but it was pretty interesting.

If you have an acoustic piano (upright, studio, or grand) I want you to try this. Open the top of the piano. Stick your face into the box, where you can see the “guts” of the piano. Yell “Hello!” into the piano. Now, have someone push down on the right pedal while you do it again. You’ll hear a marked difference.

When you yell into a piano, you hear a little bit of echo or reverb. But, when you depress the damper pedal, you hear a lot of echo and reverberation. You can even distinctly hear your voice going through the strings. It’s pretty cool to listen to. Very unique.

Stifle the Sound

Sometimes, I feel like God is trying to speak through me, but I slam down my cover and try to keep everything inside. His Word goes deep inside me, like your voice did into the piano. His Word goes deep inside me when I read or hear the Bible, when I memorize Scripture, when I sing scriptural songs, when I hear a sermon. (You get the idea.) And, I can’t help but show that to others around me. Even when I shut the lid and keep to myself.

Share the Echo

What would happen if I allowed Him to echo a bit more? What if I became a better echo chamber for God? I think that when I write a blog post or a devotion, for example, it’s like pushing down on that pedal. God can be heard through me, even better than before. His message didn’t change, but it did become amplified. It has my voice sounding out in a way that is unique to me.

God Made Us to Shine, to Share

 “No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. Luke 11:33 (ESV)

Think about how God made you to share His gifts with others.  He gave you a natural, unique, and maybe very ordinary way to echo or shine so that others may see His Light.


Question: How have you shared God with others today? (It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary.)
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