War al leur ur mor a liv, / Marzh Roc'hiz dec'h ha hiziv
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When I think of living a faith-filled life, many ideas pop into my head. First, I imagine a missionary leading a life that rivals Mother Teresa.  She serves others humbly in a foreign land, sharing the Gospel while the threat of death looms over her. Then, my mind goes to the pulpit. I think about a pastor, one who is responsible for writing and sharing a potent message every week while he runs himself ragged meeting the needs of his parishioners every day of the week. Finally, my mind searches inward. Do I live a faith-filled life?

What is faith?

Faith is not a wish, a mere hope that things are, or will be, a certain way. No, my faith in Jesus is a conviction that God loved me enough to send His only Son to die and rise to save me from the consequences of sin in this world and in my life.

Rose-colored glasses?

Some may say Christians are a superstitious, silly group of people. They say we don’t see reality, just what we hope to see. Again, I say that we see this world through a lens of faith. A Christian worldview is different from a humanistic worldview, which much today’s world holds. As a Jesus believer, I see the world in its true reality (seems redundant, but I need to say it.) The real world is the one God created, which is now permeated with sin. And with blessings. If your faith is in humanity or nature, or anything else, you will see things differently. But, you may miss so much. That’s reality.

Full of faith?

When I think of faith-filled people, I don’t mean that they have 100% confident faith in Christ. Nor do they show their faith 100% of the time. But, they are people of faith. And, God has given them enough faith for this world. Remember, all you need is as much as a mustard seed to get to heaven. But, I pray for more. I pray that the Spirit fill me with faith to overflowing.

So, when I try to live a faith-filled life, I’m not trying to be the rock star of Christianity. I’m not trying to “beat” Mother Teresa. I’m living life as God inspires me to live it.

I will try to live the Law, respecting God’s authority and guide for life.

I will try to live the Gospel, receiving and giving love that comes from God.

I will try to live out my everyday life this way and be open to God taking me to extraordinary places (or keeping right here.)

I will fail. I will sin. I will get up and try again.

I will live a faith-filled life.


Question: How would you describe living a faith-filled life?


Sharla · June 18, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Stephenie, I love your line, “I will try to live out my everyday life this way and be open to God taking me to extraordinary places (or keeping right here.)” That to me is the faith-filled life–being willing to follow Jesus wherever He takes you. And be willing to stay right here. It takes great faith to be patient and wait when God says, “Stay.”

    Stephenie · June 18, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Yes, it does, Sharla. And, don’t we often want to do great things (well part of me is completely afraid of that, too!) I can do “great” things where I am. Anything God does through me is great, even if I don’t feel like it.

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